Benched players and stamina

Hi guys,

Just wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this and/or if its just the current save I’m playing, but in Management Career, when my players are swapped and put on the bench for a bit, they dont seem to recover any stam at all.

Using interchanges to conserve stamina rather than recharge it doesn’t seem like the intended use case, but thats the only way I’m able to utilize it at the moment.

Greatly appreciate any answers, thank you!

TLDR: players dont regain any stamina when put on the bench through interchange, is this normal or is my game bugged? Thank you!

Management Mode is broken.

I didn’t really get a proper response to this other than a generalized opinion that “management mode is broken”: I don’t disagree with this assertion but I’d like more specific information in regards to recovery, particularly in Career mode.

Are there any aspects of recovery that actually work? Does it work outside of Career mode? Its hard trying to rotate rucks/mids/pockets when nobody actually gains any stam back on the bench. Is it just me experiencing this or is recovery being completely broken a known issue?

Thanks for any update! :slight_smile: