Career mode request

While the big ant games are generally good. The main problem for me is the career mode is just aimless. There’s no rankings or player of the year or anything to give it context. You’re just playing continuous series and leagues which also doesn’t really matter because you can’t even see who the previous league winners and mvp’s were. Hell, you can’t even look back on any of the previous series you’ve played with the exception of the last few in game months.

In game like the NBA 2k series you can strive to have your player become the rookie of the year or mvp. And if you’re playing as a team, to make them the NBA champions.

If you they could implement rankings so you could try to make your country number one in all formats and yourself the number 1 batter/bowler/all rounder in all formats it would make it so much better.

And for some reason they also thought tedious gym mini games were a good idea :roll_eyes:

I know country rankings are there now but there should be a player ranking also like odi t20 and test. Also there should be awards like player of the year team of the year etc. and we should be able to see previous records and stats of competitions.


Is the test world championship rankings and final in career mode?

test rankings are there wtc final idk. i hope so