Set Shot questions and ideas

It’s fairly rare that I need to try a banana or
snap set shot.
At least, on the angles I’ve had… it feels like most drop punts will do, and are more predictable.

I wonder if there’s a way to have (and show) a player’s comfort/preference for snaps/bananas over drop punts (i.e Dan Butler or Jack Higgins would love a snap, and can absolutely shank drop punts).
Maybe this could factor in the ‘hot/cold zones’ mentioned by @TwoAmeobis above.
This way there would be clear benefits to the times where you choose a snap instead.

Adding to this, the more advanced goal kicking suggestion from the BigFooty board… that rushing the kicker for a snap should be an option for the defending team.
This could be like my man-on-the-mark suggestion above… that it adds something for the defending side to do.
It would need balancing… like a well-timed rush + a poorly timed kick on the meter = a smother.

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Been playing a ALOT of MLB 23 the Show (PS users could download it for free last month)

And i love pitching in the game. Was wondering if Big Ant @JNT_BA would ever consider implementing something similar to the ’ Pure Analog pitching interface for set shots. This is also a very similar system to the pro mode controls for bowling in cricket 22. I find the power meter and timing system atm not as good as it should be.

Have there been any more thoughts or discussions on the goal kick graphic for on the run shots?

Still struggling to see it at times and just ends up being a guess as to where the line is.

Either a much larger graphic or something that doesn’t blend into green so much.

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