There are various squad management issues that need to be addressed

I have a number of points regarding gameplay that I believe might have been discussed already or perhaps are already incorporated into the game:

  • Firstly, it would be great if squads could accommodate 40-50 player slots. This would provide better squad depth, allowing for the inclusion of emerging young players as reserves before a competition or season. Having such squad depth would also enhance gameplay by helping teams deal with player injuries and judiciary suspensions during a season or tournament.

  • In terms of squad management gameplay, it could be interesting to implement a system where players’ stamina is affected if they are used continuously week in and week out during a season. This could potentially lead to the need to bench or rest certain players to maintain their performance levels. However, this idea is not entirely essential and could be explored further.

  • Another aspect to consider is the impact of playing players in different positions. If a player does not have a secondary or tertiary position listed in their player profile, their overall skills rating might be reduced when they are placed in a different position. For example, a Winger playing as a Flyhalf without a designated position for it could experience a decrease in their overall skills points rating.

  • During a match, it would be beneficial to have the freedom to switch or swap starting players in any position through the pause menu for team management. This could involve swapping a starting Flyhalf to Fullback and vice versa, or moving a starting blindside flanker to Lock if desired during the match. Such flexibility in squad management during a game could enhance the overall gameplay experience.

  • Incorporating weekly training into squad management could add depth to the game. Moreover, introducing the possibility of players getting injured during low or high-intensity training sessions would add realism to the gameplay.

  • It would be interesting to have a squad/team morale meter in the game. For instance, if a team experiences back-to-back wins, morale would increase, making it easier to win subsequent games. Conversely, a team suffering consecutive losses would see their morale decrease, making it more challenging to win matches.

  • I hope that the stamina of players can decrease at an appropriate level during a match, based on their individual fitness rating and involvement in the game. Additionally, it would be beneficial if all players’ stamina can gradually replenish during a match, for instance, during goal conversions or periods when players are not actively involved in tackling or taking contact in the ruck.

  • Lastly, it would be a great addition if the AI’s stamina decreases to a set level, prompting the AI team to make replacements during the match.

I believe implementing these points into the game would greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience and add depth to the squad management aspect of Rugby 24.

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Great suggestions. I really also would like to see something regarding picking the same team over and over. Increased injuries, reduced performance etc. One thing I liked about Rugby 08 was having to carefully select a squad balance in case there were injuries. Made the RWC mode fun.

Really want custom international team selections, not just pre made squads.

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