13 November - Extended Patch Notes

Balanced AI run-out frequency

  • Changes to fielding in previous updates exposed issues with AI selecting to run, this patch addresses this by improving the calculations used to determine run risk, as well as adjusting the ability for AI-controlled fielders to make direct hits from the outfield, and increasing run risk based on the AI fielders throwing skills.

Improved slips catching

  • The wicketkeeper took too many catches that were expected for slips, this has been adjusted to give the slips a better chance.

Improved fielding

  • General fielding has been improved with changes to reduce cases of ‘side step’ movements and to make better attempts at getting to the ball.

Improved animations

  • The changes made to fielding and running were partially implemented by improving some animation, for example, reducing cases where players would slide incorrectly.

Corrected career skill growth

  • An issue with the processing of proficiency data in career led to the stars being incorrectly calculated, resulting in always being displayed as 0 stars.

Corrected various player data

  • A number of players have had their allocated bats updated, as well as other corrections to batting handedness and bowling styles.

Improved Stability
Thanks to all the users who have given us support tickets as well as sending through error reports on consoles we have been able to identify the causes of a number of crashes and address them in this patch.
This includes resolving an issue while completing a draft in The Hundred mode, as well as resolving an issue while attempting to load an online co-op saved game.