50 and 100 Partnerships celebration

Hi Team, This is very important please, while there is a partnership of 50 or 100 between 2 batsmen, it should be recognized and mentioned on screen! we just see them giving high5 but there is nothing that says why the celebration is happening!

If you can mention that specific milestone, like 50 partnership or 100 partnership with the names of the batsmen on screen! it will be very good and we can take screenshots and share with friends / social media.


Right. But that should be a bit more. Even commentators should praise more during the 50/100 partnerships. But both batsmen should meet and chat/fist bump with every boundary they hit. And even after every over. That is a general detail of Cricket which Big Ant should add.

At every milestone, let the scene unfold with a roaring crowd. The focus then shifts to the batsman, who showcases their unique gestures. As the camera zooms out, the batsmen converge, engaging in a brief but impactful chat for 4-5 seconds. Enhance the immersive experience! #MilestoneCelebration

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