6 weeks till release and still no news

So we are just over 6 weeks away from release and theres still no news screenshots, gameplay footage, or a trailer which is hugely concerning. My biggest worry is they are hiding the game because it is using the same engine and game mechanics as rugby 22 which was a poor game. Im hoping its a fresh attempt to create a great new game possibly based on the game engine from rugby league live. My other worry is that the game will release in a similar state to AFL and Cricket 24 both of which were an absolute mess of bugs and glitches.

Come on big ant pull your fingers out anf give us an insight into what we can expect to see 30th January

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They don’t want us to know how the game is until the very last minute. So we, hoping it’s a good game, buy the game and give them money. Then, as happened with afl and cricket, the game will be broken and they will promise us to fix in the upcoming months via patches.

That’s their strategy!

Just look at it on the 30th and decide?

And I don’t know why so many talk about 22 as being such a poor rugby game. In regards to how a game actually flows, 22 has come the closest to it continuity wise. The collision animations were solid, the tackling mechanisms were good. The set plays needed to be a lot easier to actually be useful, but other than that I think it was really close. Was it perfect, absolutely not. But it is a solid rugby game especially in comparison to anything else out there.

Visually I much preferred big ants style like that in RLL4. If they put out Rugby 22 mechanics wise but with all those licenses and Big Ants RLL4 polish, I would be Stoked!

I am not sure whether I would rather see pictures or get a list of in game features at this point. I mean with only 6 weeks to go, does it really matter?


Surely they can’t/won’t be using the same game engine/mechanics as rugby 22 as it was a completely different developer, so I’m assuming Big Ant would have no access??

As others have said, Big Ant already have a couple of solid rugby games (RLL3 & RLL4) to base this game off in terms of gameplay, mechanics, graphics etc, so I’m hopeful that they’ll just change the rules for union, and throw in some improvements to make this a really good game :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Good point, I thought still being a Nacon title it may have given them access? But probably not.

I like the RLL title movements as well though they were a little clunky and players tend to snap from hit to tackled with no real transition animation. Rugby 22 had that nailed.

But same, Rugby League live 4 adapted for union. I would be happy with that too!


Could be worse, Tiebreak is due any day now and there’s been ZERO information about it since its announcement in March.

And it was confirmed the game is pretty much done, so yes it could be worse.


Is there any chance they do us a solid and give us something positive to dwell over on Christmas Day?

That would be a nice time to start a hype train. Would essentially be a month before release.

Please Nacon/Big Ant :pray::christmas_tree::gift::rugby_football::stadium::video_game::steam_locomotive:


Oooh, A Christmas day preview present? I like this idea a lot! :partying_face: :100: :gift: :christmas_tree: :rugby_football: :video_game:

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TBH How the AFL & CRICKET 24 went, when Rugby 24 is Released it’ll be a while before its playable and it’ll have to be Patched up, so some news would be good

Something interesting I thought I would share.
The Red line is the google search history for Rugby 22, the Blue line is search history for Rugby 24.

In both the boxes is the volume of searches for both the games on the leadup to their release date.

We can see here that the search volume for Rugby 24 in the last few months is significantly higher than the leadup to Rugby 22s release.

Just shows how much interest there is surrounding this game currently.
Hope we get some news soon! So that interest can keep growing!


Imagine if they had actually done some marketing!!! :roll_eyes:


Guys, i don’t like this…

How well informed could these guys be though? Surely just a placeholder date?

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I don’t know, but the last time they knew before the official delay was announced.

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I’d say the chances of getting anything before the end of the year now are slim to none, given both big ant and nacon will probably be closed for the festive period now. So much for the news coming very soon from Nacon! :roll_eyes:

Had an email in the last 15 minutes from HMV telling me that the release date has been changed to 1/1/25 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So is basically official…

It seems to be the case yes :face_with_head_bandage:

Explains why there has been not even a shred of news since the delay announcement.

This is disappointing.

Edit: Although why would this tweet have been released December 13th if there was going to be a delay of such length? Surely you don’t say ‘Hey games looking great’ … then delay it by an entire year lol. He has also stated it has more licenses than any rugby game ever before … Those licenses must be an annual or biannual ish thing that they would be throwing away the use of?

@RossSymons (https://twitter.com/RossSymons)

I’m playing both Tiebreak and #Rugby24 in the office quite often, they are both looking good - there will be news on both from Nacon very soon.

As well as 2 hours ago in their merry xmas tweet they hashtagged Rugby24 too. Why would you do that if you were just about to announce another year delay.

I’m going back and forward like a bipolar tennis ball on this one, but I am going to say placeholder date again :sweat_smile: