A couple questions for big ant studios

There has been 3 posts made by the official Rugby 24 social media channels since the announcement of Rugby 24 on March 9th 2023. All 3 posts have been confirmation of a delay, I understand it takes time to make a great video game but I have some questions.

On 23rd January 2024 you posted the second delay announcement. You stated that “We will be releasing more information about Rugby 24’s Early Access content and price in the coming weeks”

This was posted 20 weeks ago. When can we expect news on early access and how much the game will cost?

Fast forward to a couple months later you posted on March 29th 2024 a 3rd delayed announcement which included that you will “share some of that progress over the coming weeks with video and screenshots” This post was over 10 weeks ago yet… nothing. When are we going to see some progress and screenshots of the game?

Can you address these questions please? Me and many others in this community have been closely following this game since the announcement last march and have been extremely patient. I can definitely understand the decision to delay the game if it isn’t ready, but I feel as if you could engage with the community better.


I was only able to upload one image in my post. This is the 3rd delay announcement on March 29th stating “We will share some of that progress over the coming weeks with video and screenshots”

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Reason: They enjoy lying to us, knowing we will still purchase the game. It is cruel.

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They won’t reply , they don’t care about us rugby fans that’s why they always leave us hanging .


They stopped engaging us when the quality of their games started to nosedive. They can’t hack criticism and their defence mechanism is to hide away and block


for a “passion project” it doesnt seem there is much passion going into it. the face scans are just a scam to make it seem there putting effort into the game when really there just enjoying travelling the world. nacons previous rugby games also give me no hope for this game at all. the communication is beyond poor and they continue to lie to us. ive tried talking to ross multiple times about gameplay and he either ignores it or gives me a smart a*se reply

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@JNT_BA @RossSymons Can you address these questions for the community please?

To be fair they have always said these forums are not the place you will ever find new information or where they will address game questions (Until support after release of course).

Probably better off hitting Ross up on X/twitter?

Good luck though, info would be nice ha ha.