A few suggestions

Hey everyone, First time poster and long time observer. I have been playing more consistently recently and have noticed a few things that bug me.

Fix the 2nd ruck. What is the point of the 2nd ruck in the interchange screen if it doesnt do anything? Is there any setting that can have the “2nd ruck” take rucks in the attacking 50 etc. Currently my ruck runs out of stamina in 1.5 qtrs

Keeping the KFWD/KDEF tag in the interchange screen. Nothing worse then lining up a 175cm Bloke/Sheila on a 195cm Bloke/Sheila.

Stamina on the interchange screen. Nice to have wouldn’t it I guess.

Any further thoughts are always helpful and would do greatly in improving the game

Cheers big ears

When I had that ruck problem the way I fixed it was I would use 3 rucks to ruck a match. I’d also frequently swapped them around during the match to keep their stamina at the half full. Tall forwards also make good stop gap rucks (if any rucks are out with half season injuries or entire season ending injuries.) hope this helps :+1:

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