A list of things I think cricket 24 needs

  • Small details such as ad boards showing the words SIX or FOUR or player names when they are about to bat or bowl with animations as in real life
  • more fluidity of in game characters. It always feels like the clothes of players are glued to their bodies and they move like robots, not a lot of natural looking movement.
  • lighting - white field logos start shining extremely brightly in custom stadiums sometimes and it looks terrible
  • improved ai fielding
  • wind, rain and just more natural weather that impacts how players look etc
  • faster reactions after a batter is bowled out etc. there’s a bit of a gap between a batter getting out and their reaction to it and the reaction is always the same. Look up look a bit frustrated and that’s it. Not very realistic at all. Same with bowlers, the bowling celebrations are awful and they aren’t fluid. They bowl the ball, take the wicket, wait a second or two, throw their hands up and run to another player and that’s about it.
  • the ability to add customs kits etc to licensed teams because teams get New Jersey’s every so often.
  • a much, much more realistic crowd, with a much better and more realistic atmosphere in the ground.
    I think it would be great if you could almost feel the crowd erupting as you run in to bowl a crucial ball in a crucial game. Also in cricket 22 the crowd is usually only half full which is very odd especially when it’s a match between Pakistan and India or something.

That’s a few of the things I had in mind. Might think of some more later.

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