A question about capturing players/coaches etc

Just watched the Squidge Rugby video on YouTube and saw this was coming out. VERY excited!
Just wondering if you outsource the capturing of players etc to others in other countries? For instance, capturing NZ or Aus teams? Or even pacific island teams? Thanks.

I may be wrong but i think they are doing it all themselves. They were at the magic round earlier this year for SR. Not sure if they were capturing anyone though. They are based in Australia too.

P.s Would love for them to capture the PI players. Always good seeing heaps of mates on a video game.

We travel lots to many, many countries with a team based here in the studio to capture as many as we can to the best of our ability!

Even I have assisted in some sessions and helped out when I could, while the others were traveling around the world!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the Aussie and NZ teams when we did them a while ago.


I feel like we need @JNT_BA as a referee in Rugby 24. Just like Ross has been an umpire in the cricket games. Grip socks and all :joy:

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Hmmmm I am in AFL and Cricket 24. Maybe I’ll sneak myself into Tiebreak and Rugby as well!


Are the coaches also scanned ?

Hello @MattNZ

The details of player take may differ depending on the making team’s strategy This might include hiring specialists in nations such as New Zealand; Australia;, or the Pacific Islands to provide thorough information about their local teams and players. These collaborations improve the content by providing authentic insights and detail knowledge of the local sports areas.

This is fake news! That is not how it works at all and you have clearly not been listening to BA staff.

The real fact is JNT_BA owns an iPhone 13 (Not the pro version) and travels all nations in their lowered and Suped up Prius getting these shots. Problem is half of them are selfies using front camera as JNT_BA loves momentos from the trips with the players, so things take much longer for the team as they have to spend time removing the hundreds of images with JNT_BA’s face in them.

This is how JNT_BA ended up in all games as the sheer amount of selfies were just too numerous to filter out and some slipped through.

Edit: *This post also may either contain or be completely made from fake news.


I can smell Chat-GPT all over this comment :rofl:


Personally I loved how they felt the need to officially answer the question with such confidence, even though it had already been answered by admin :joy:


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