About RT-LT Sprint

Hi everyone, i bought the game and been testing it. I love the graphics and the gameplay is better than i was expecting.
My biggest complaint, about gameplay is the fact that you have to press RT/LT to sprint and catch the balls. I think this is an unnecessary feature that removes immersion from the game and is going to make casuals prefer topspin over this game . It creates a level of difficulty that will put off a lot of gamers such as myself.
Im happy with almost everything else from this game.
Thank you for giving us the chance to provide feedback.

During the match, in the menu, you can activate the automatic sprint, so you won’t need to press RT and LT.

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Thanks,i didn’t know that,that is good to know. Hopefully when the game releases you don’t have to activate it during the matches.Maybe in a general setting. And hopefully you can play with it in automatic sprint in online play.

Thank you for your help.

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Sorry, you can also activate it in general menu :+1: