Academy logos issue and Stadium creator

Hello Big Ant, I have downloaded a custom stadium from the academy (My own custom stadium which I uploaded from C22 and downloaded in C24 academy) when applying the field logo to a logo i have downloaded it does not show up in the stadium addboards all work though, and in a match when using custom stadium it has the default field logo which is already in game.

Also I have C22 and when I upload teams/logos from C22 academy and then try to download on C24 academy by putting my username in. I cannot see my latest uploads, can this please be fixed ASAP would appreciate it greatly. @JNT_BA could you advise if this is something the team will look into?

@JNT_BA Again tried to upload some logos from Cricket 22 and then download them from Cricket 24 Academy but nothing is showing up? Can you advise if the C22 server and C24 server share the same downloads? If not can this be implemented? As I have lots of logos from C22 which would be ideal to use in C24.

Would appreciate if you could reply to this

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They do not. A snap shot was taken a while ago. The items that are pushed to the 22 academy now will not show up on 24.

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Oh I see thank you for letting me know. Could the issue with custom stadiums field logo not working when downloading a logo and applying it in C24 instead a default logo only shows up when playing in the custom stadium.

If that can be rectified would be great

I’ll pass it along to the team to look into, in case they haven’t seen it reported.

Thank you @JNT_BA greatly appreciate it if you can pass a message across to the dev team.

@JNT_BA just wanted to ask when the issue with putting a field logo in custom stadium will be fixed or if the dev team are aware off this? Also do you know any timeframe as too when C22 community creations will be ported over to C24 as advised by @RossSymons on Twitter?

@JNT_BA any luck on the above which I mentioned please? Would be great if Big Ant @RossSymons can fix that