Academy News R24

Hey Team,

Just wondering when some information will follow regarding the Academy?

It’s probably one of the things I’m most excited for in Rugby24 as the previous titles in the series didn’t have anything like it.

Will it be cross platform, and is there a way players can access it prior to launch to start creating teams that aren’t officially licensed?

Thanks guys


In the absence of a Rugby League Live 5 (RLL5), I too am interested in what player creation / customisation options will be available. Always been a big part of the Big Ant Sports games for me.

Been a bit out of the loop… didn’t know these forums existed.

A combined English Rugby Union/Rugby League is something I might do in Rugby 24 if the Academy tools allow it. Given that there is no sign of a Rugby League Live 5 anytime soon, let alone one with Big Ant’s customization options, this would help fill the void.

I have no real connection to Union… so customization would be a big selling point for me. Creating players, teams and the option to edit leagues / replace teams would be awesome.