Add Tutorial mode camera angles/transitions to main game modes

Is it possible to have the camera angles/transitions from the Tutorial mode available in game?

Two issues with the main game camera angles is that the batting cam and running/fielding cam are different. As a result they switch to the runner cam straight on impact (creating this ugly jarring scene transition which loses smoothness, plus you can’t see your shot in full). Further none of the camera angles give a broad perspective of the ground and field.

Had given up on this, until went into tutorial mode. Here if I selected fixed close as my batting cam and played a shot, the camera followed the ball in the same fixed close view - a smooth transition. Similarly when using Broadcast 1 and playing a shot, the same camera followed the ball and you got an amazing perspective of the stadium and field placements.

As this is already built into the game, maybe it’s just a matter of giving users the option of keeping the batting/bowling cam the EXACT same as the running/fielding cam?

Will really elevate the enjoyment of the game.

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