Added rankings and stats and Rankings

Add the Rankings system and real stats in carrer mode to make more realistic

More Insights on Carrer mode

  1. Player Creation and Customization: Allow players to create their own cricketer, with options to customize their appearance, playing style, and attributes. This customization should have an impact on the player’s performance and development throughout their career.

  2. Team Selection and Contracts: Start the career mode by participating in trials or domestic matches to earn a spot in a team. As the career progresses, provide opportunities to switch teams, negotiate contracts, and experience the dynamics of player transfers and team management.

  3. Realistic Match Situations: Simulate realistic match scenarios, including various formats like Test matches, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20 matches. Include realistic match conditions, pitch variations, weather effects, and day-night matches. Encounter challenging situations like chasing big targets, saving a match, or playing under pressure.

  4. Player Relationships and Team Dynamics: Incorporate player relationships and team dynamics into the career mode. Interact with teammates, coaches, and management, building relationships that impact team morale, captaincy opportunities, and overall career progression.

  5. Media Interactions and Fan Engagement: Engage with the media through interviews, press conferences, and social media interactions. The responses and choices made during these interactions should influence the player’s reputation, fan following, and endorsements.

  6. Injuries and Fitness Management: Introduce a realistic injury system where players can sustain injuries that affect their availability and performance. Include a fitness management aspect, where players need to maintain their fitness levels through training, rest, and recovery.

  7. Real-world Events and Tournaments: Include real-world events such as international tours, domestic leagues, and major tournaments. Allow players to represent their country, participate in global tournaments like the World Cup, or experience the excitement of franchise-based leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) or Big Bash League (BBL).

  8. Commentary and Presentation: Enhance the immersion by incorporating dynamic commentary and realistic presentation elements, including authentic commentators, crowd reactions, and match atmosphere. This adds to the overall authenticity and enhances the player’s career experience.

Please Add some Realestic Features In Cricket 24 to Make it the Best