Addition of commentary voice option and download it

We can add commentary voices and download them similar to what when we download players.

We can also download voices from outside as mp3. And add them
As wicket celebration

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Nice This Should be added as we are able to download Akash Chopra voice and many others great Indian commentary with both Hindi and English Language @JNT_BA Can you pls add this feature looks very cool

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Yeah we should also add the option to add sounds like envoirnmental and player sounds shocks etc

Surely when you go to Hindi that syntax and word order change which wouldn’t work with the original programming.
Saying that my Hindi in minimal as is my Urdu. It probably also gets down to licencing and the like.

Hearing some fruity sledging might be fun.

You can also add sounds like
Come on garry
Catch it
Arey yaar hindi
Etc sledging sounds

And a well known phrase from MSD : what you say :crazy_face: andar waela gunehga

Having a crowd which can adlib X is a w-anchor would be prime

how to download commentary as hundi