Additional FEATURES to make it the BEST GAME EVER!

I had emailed the same to the developers 1 year ago along with many other features such as;

Legends bowling styles - Akhtar, Lee, Afridi, McGrath, etc
100 miles an hour delivery - Fastest delivery option for Fast bowlers
Spin of the Century delivery - just like shane warne where he spins the wide ball onto to the stumps
Reverse Swing - More special delivery options
Awards/Trophies showcase
Records Showcase - Showing the current records in cricket and should update when broken in the game by any player
New celebration animations - include cheer leaders
New Batting Styles - Ability to hit the anywhere. We weren’t able to hit the offsite ball to the leg side previously. Style 6 would get stumped out while trying to hit a short delivery.
Ability to copy or create international players
More player faces, features for creating your cricketer - body type, facial features, hair and beard styles.

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