AFL 23/Forum - Rules and Regulations

Welcome To AFL 23

  1. Above all: be nice! Please be respectful and constructive towards everyone on the forums and help maintain a friendly atmosphere.
  2. Abusive language and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes comments directed at Big Ant employees, your fellow community members, or other groups or companies.
    2.1 Abusive language includes slurs or discriminating speech in all forms, including but not limited to religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, or lifestyle.
    2.2 Refrain from using any words on the LGBTQ or mental health spectrum in a derogatory manner.
    2.3 Harassment, including witch-hunting, doxing, or the disclosure of personal information without the disclosed party’s consent, is strictly prohibited.
    2.4 Disruptive behavior also includes deliberately spreading conspiracy theories or false info about Big Ant and its game studios, games, or employees.
  3. Posting or discussing illegal, inappropriate, or harmful content is not allowed.
    3.1 Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to:
    - Extreme violence
    - Real-world religion and politics
    - Sexually explicit, vulgar, or obscene material
    - Illegal substances and activities
    - Pirated copyright-protected material
  4. NSFW content such as media, text, inappropriate names, or discussion is not permitted. If you need to ask if something is NSFW, the answer is usually, “yes.”
  5. Don’t spam.
    5.1 This includes excessive messages, emojis, mentions, etc.
  6. We do not allow advertising on the forum.
    6.1 Do not post invites to other websites.
  7. Do not impersonate a Mod; Admin; Big Ant or Discourse employee; any member of another group or company; or your fellow community members.
    7.1 This includes copying their profile picture to appear as them.
    7.2 Do not pretend to be a staff member.
  8. Listen to the forum staff.
    8.1 Final verdict and rule interpretation are up to staff.
  9. Please note that this is an English-only forum in all areas
  10. Do not make demands of the Devs.

Please use common sense when participating in this forum for anything not covered by the rules above. Staff reserves the right to remove messages and users that disrupt the conversation and enjoyment of your fellow Big Ant fans.

  • This area is for the discussion of AFL23 or AFL 23 related topics.

  • Refrain from talking about the other titles outside of their designated areas.