AFL 23 - Megathread

Hey Guys, Love the new forums.

I do have two questions and if you can only answer one of them at this time JNT, That’s all good with me.

  1. Is there a timeline for when the Sub will be fully fixed and functional?

  2. Is there plans to add more options in the Acadamy in terms of creation options like having the ability to give a player glasses (i.e. like Mason Cox who already has them on in-game) or getting the option to use Old-School style collars for the Guernsey Creator to give those retro teams that extra touch or to recreate those throwback uniforms Geelong and St. Kilda have worn this year with the old-style collars?

I appreciate that Big Ant are still working on the game and are making themselves more open for the public to contact. Hopefully within time, We’ll get the game that we’ve been all hoping for and all of the ups and downs of the past few months will be worth it. :smile:


Hey Guys,
Is a mycareer like cricket22 going to be included in afl23? I think it would be fun to have a career player with cutscenes and more.

Pretty sure they have said that there wont be an individual career mode in AFL23…but i could be wrong.

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Yeah definitely not in this version of the game but no doubt I will be in the next version. Hopefully haha

Will you guys be submitting a patch this week for Steam/consoles? :slight_smile:

Id be keen to know the process of the work that the external testers are doing on the game for you guys.

We still control the Steam builds but there is testing taking place around the world (follow the sun methodology) on the Console patches.

As Console patches cannot be undone once released, we now want to move more cautiously.


Patches have been submitted for PS4/PS5, we’re awaiting test results, if all clear then they will go out - if not then they will have fixes applied, and then go back in for test.


Hey mate, pretty sure I read months ago that there were some difficulties on the backend with attempting to match the scoreboard to what the teams were wearing. Not sure if there has been an update on this or not but hopefully in the future we can get some alternative graphics!

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As in more newer patches ??

Is there another Steam patch in the testing phase?

Will the goal kicking game which is available while the game is still downloading going to be added to the game to beable to access when ever we want

There is always something being worked on, be it a small or large update. Work doesn’t stop on patches and additions to the game.


I appreciate the amount of stats in game but I think it could do with a bit of a tidy up.

Team stats shown during match: I think the stats displayed during a match could be sorted more effectively. For example; disposals, kicks handballs are listed near the bottom when they should be near the top.

Setshot stats display I’ve noticed a few things not calculating properly:

  1. The player’s total season goals scored stays at zero.
  2. disposal efficiency stays at zero.
  3. player spoils are shown but are missing on the individual stat menu screen.
  4. stats displayed next to the setshot player are a bit random, should be more significant. For example; 50m penalties should never be displayed.
  5. in the 1st quarter when it shows season stats totals, I think this should be changed to season averages. Goals should be the only stat showed as total. The season Disposal, clearance totals etc, are only really relevant when ranking players. But in this context of a setshot it is showing player performance across the season, so averages are more relevant.

Season mode screen: Goal, Mark and Disposal leaderboards aren’t displaying properly, currently displaying based on averages instead of totals. Even then, the leaderboard is based on averages- but to no decimal places. So Hawkins could have 7 goals across the first two rounds( average 3.5)- but his average displays as 4. I think these three leaderboards should display player totals instead of average. Especially for the Coleman leaderboard.

Player stats screens: could be better grouped and sorted. At the moment, three categories ‘overall, disposal, possession’ It feels a bit messy at the moment. Also player spoils and uncontested possessions are missing from these screens.

Team management screens: I think the team selection screens are inconsistent across different contexts at the moment. Team selection screen on the main mode menus displays differently to the screen in other contexts. Inconsistencies include not always showing player attributes, main star proficiencies or player archetypes. These should always be shown when making team selection and interchange decisions. Also as the team selection screens show a players season/career stats totals, I have a suggestion to make this displayed as averages because the purpose of showing the player stats in the context of team selection is to compare players who have probably played different amounts of games- so showing averages would fit the purpose more.

Look forward to future patches


Has anything been confirmed about lifting the cap on custom teams from 32 to something else?
I put in a ticket 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard much back other than that it was “being looked at” about 10 days ago.

Nothing specific yet when it comes to changes like that we have to be really careful as there are space limits save data can take on the platforms. So when doing changes like that it comes down to how much data will this take up to increase it ? If we do change it that much how much will that affect the amount of data open for other things such as management saves or career saves? So much has to be balanced when increasing the limits of player data. It isn’t a quick thing when so many different types of data are in the balance.

How long does this typically take?

Why when I take a mark can I not look in different directions.

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Thanks ross i hope those patches are out tonight/tomorrow for playstation 4 and playstation 5

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that would be tops. The more patches the better. We are getting to a great game.