AFL 23 Patch Notes 10 April 2024

Balanced AI on the run goal-kicking probability
We’ve balanced the AI’s chance at kicking for a goal on the run to be less accurate.

Corrected player switching
We’ve balanced and corrected the choices being made for player-switching on semi-assisted and assisted player-switching settings.

Corrected 2024 player ratings
We’ve corrected the issues of the low player ratings for first and second-year players.

Corrected Guernsey logo selection
We’ve corrected the issue with selecting a logo for guernseys.

Partial 2024 player visual update
We’ve updated a number of current player visuals to match their 2024 counterparts. Currently, this covers players from teams in alphabetical order from Adelaide to GWS, the rest will come in a future update.
The visual updates include updating hair, hair colors, tattoos, sock length, and more!

Improved stability
We’ve improved a number of stability issues that were occurring in career and general gameplay.