AFL 23 Patch Notes 19 March 2024

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam
19 March 2024

#AFL23 Patch Notes

Steam 4139
PS5 4141, PS4 EU 4137, PS4 US 4135 - 1.000.030/1.30
Xbox One 4136, Xbox Series 4138 -

Improved player movement
Improved player movement when receiving the ball from handballs and kicks. Players will accelerate faster, and collect the ball at a speed that they can sprint out of without feeling sluggish or slow.

Improved visibility of on the run goal kicking meter
Increased the size and visibility of on the run goal kicking meter and increased cursor size. Increase or decrease width of goals visual based on the angle the player is running towards goal.

Improved kicks to leads
Improved kicking to leading targets by further projecting the target distance of the leading player.

Improved player switching
Altered the decision making of which player is chosen when switching between players to allow for smarter choices of who is being selected.

Improved ruck aiming and midfielder movement
Clear wins in the ruck will have the ball go in the direction the user inputs. Also improved the movement of the midfielders in relation to the ruck hitout direction and tactics being utilised.

Improved tackle animations
Lined up tackle animations better to suit the situation.

Improved stability
A number of issues have been resolved, including crashes in online and general play as well as career mode.

Tuned sprint speed at low stamina
Tuned stamina sprint speed penalty that was being applied when players had low stamina.

Tuned and balanced torpedo kicks
Tuned torpedo kicks to have more spray, also balance ability to score and hit passes with a torpedo kick.

Tuned and balanced clearance kicks
Sped up clearance kick animations so that players can make clearance kicks quicker and removed charge up mechanic. Widen range for clearance kicks.

Tuned and balanced drop punts
Improved general play drop punts accuracy when targeting a player. Add more spray when not targetting a player.

Tuned and balanced on the run goal kicking
The goal kick meter will adjust dynamically based on the angle of the shot and distance from goal. Removed swing based on footedness.

Tuned and balanced handballs
Tuned the targeting of handballs, to hit targets better and more consistently. Tuned handball accuracy for longer distance and shorter distance handballs when being tackled. Also tuned handballs for leading players around contests.

Tuned AI defensive behaviour
Tuned the aggressiveness of AI defenders sticking to their man when the team is in control of the ball and without. AI will no longer spoil if they are the only player in a contest.

Tuned and balanced leading players
Tuned leading patterns to allow players to lead more frequently and into better leading positions. Leading players will also now get to a higher sprint speed.

Tuned tackle homing
Tuned the tackle homing option to follow the ball carrier better and more consistently.

Tuned AI smothering behaviour
Tuned down the rate the AI would smother the ball.

Tuned advantage detection
Tuned the advantage detection for human players, so that advantage is called more correctly.

Added 3rd Person Camera Option at set kicks
Pressing L3 at free kicks or after taking marks will change the camera to a 3rd person camera

Added RB/R1 to speed up on the run goal kicking meter
For situations where you feel you have less time to kick a goal on the run, holding RB/R1 will speed up the meter by double.

Added Sydney Swans AFLW team song to end of match
The Sydney Swans AFLW team will now sing the song at the end of a match if they win.

Updated competition mode start date
Competition mode will now start in 2024.

Updated 2024 uniforms
All AFL teams have updated 2024 uniforms.

Updated 2024 rosters
This is a two part change, for now we have updated rosters to only include the newest recruits that we have obtained photogrammetry for. The second part with all players will be coming in a later update.

Updated 2024 fixtures
Updated fixtures to 2024 for AFL and State League to match real world.

Added height to player identity screen
Now showing the player heights in the identity screen in academy.

Increased maximum uniforms
Increased maximum uniform count to 20.