AFL 23 Patch Notes 23 April 2024


  • Added gameplay sliders
    Added gameplay sliders to the game. This covers a variety of areas throughout the entire gameplay on the field. Change what you want & play how you want! Sliders are available in play now, seasons and career mode.

  • Added quick interchange
    Added quick interchange to the view/touchpad button allowing you to make on-the-fly interchanges throughout a match.

  • Added manual interchange to online matches
    In addition to quick interchanges, manual interchange is now available in online matchplay.

  • Added spectate option for season and career mode
    Added the ability to spectate any match you’re involved in, in season and career mode. You will be able to make tactical and interchanges while spectating.

  • Added All official stadiums to online custom match
    Added the option to select any official stadium in custom match online settings.

  • Added 2024 new players and draftees
    Players and draftees new for 2024 have been added to the team rosters with placeholder visuals. We will update with photogrammetry for the players in future updates.

  • Improved AI decision making from defence
    The AI will now make better decisions when coming out of defence, utilising sideways and backward options more often where appropriate.

  • Improved AI decision making for play on
    AI decisions making for playing on after a mark has been improved.

  • Improved AI passing
    Further tuning and tweaked AI passing decision making.

  • Improved Stability
    Reported anomalies causing stability issues have been rectified.