AFL 23 Sliders Thread

can everyone share their sliders that make the game hard

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Can everyone share their sliders to make the game easier?

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play on easiest its very easy

Is it?
Not necessarily when you play with custom teams…

I test my slider options on medium as a test bed. I also make it a bit windy to prevent some ridiculous and questionable goals the AI team seem to get.

Here’s the sliders I’ve played around with. Hope this might be helpful :+1:

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@stallionsCEO How do you find the opposition to be with these? I’ll compare to my sliders in the morning, I’ve got my base difficulty on hardest but haven’t changed too much with the sliders and winning by 120 most games :sweat_smile:, so looking to really make it a challenge

I’ve got a few different test slider configurations, haven’t found the best solution yet. I’m hoping someone on YT has a video with a good configuration. :+1::crossed_fingers:

How are you finding the locate tactic being in the 30s? I think I have mine on 2, so constant pressure

Locate is alright for me but it does leave my defense wide open. I’ve been experimenting with the other tactics to find out what works best. Currently I’m finding the ones were you can go left or right out of defense work well for me

What are your gameplay modifier sliders looking like? I think that might be my main issue with the AI being a breeze. It seems like a lot of my sliders haven’t changed much from hardest difficulty’s.

Anyone have a competitive setting they wanna share? On hardest difficulty I’m finding I’m flogging in most games and want a challenge. In this mode I don’t wanna be undefeated, I wanna feel like it’s AFL.

I’m also having issues with the AI randomly running toward the boundary and kicking it out of bounds on the full with no one there. Any fix?


same, every time the ai are stringing together a good play they will just kick it out on the full

Yea I’m hoping it can be changed in the settings. Otherwise another difficulty/tactics boost by BA

I second this I just want sliders to make the game a bit more realistic. I don’t want to win all the time, just realism

Literally, I hope it’s not too hard for big ant to explain how to modify the sliders best to make it feel realistically challenging. It’s already hard enough for them to show us how to actually play the game tbh

Honestly, I don’t think it’s up to them. They’ve made their set difficulties as best they see fit for skill levels, realism isn’t on them.

Also “how to actually play the game”, have you not played on beginner and worked your way up? What do you need a hand with?

Tbh I’m talking from get go. Would have been nice to have proper tutorials to learn to play rather than an instruction manual. I’ve personally had the game since day 1, so it’s easy af now, but Hardest difficulty is too easy and I can’t work out how to make it more of a challenge