AFL 24 info is there a contract for muli years

Will there be a AFL 24 or just a massive update ???
Looking forward to the reply

You might get a reply- but it certainly won’t have an answer to your question.


Pretty sure they mentioned a new iteration for next year. What that looks like who knows

With all the things that have been added based on feedback to the original iteration and all the work that is currently being planned, we kind of are getting AFL 23 1/2 already.
The thing that amazes me is that they have made changes to the game (like the count up clock, no ads on custom stadiums etc) and continue to roll them out.

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Cricket runs on a 2 yearly cycle so I’d imagine this may be the same - surely they’d need a break after churning out and supporting this, Cricket, Rugby and Tiebreak over the rest of 2023 and probably early 2024. We’ll probably get a 2024 squad update / season update etc. but I don’t imagine a brand new title would be pushed out - it’s been a fairly exhausting journey so far for all involved.


They still haven’t released the game for Xbox. As we are all still waiting to be able to play the game like everyone on PC and PlayStation can.