AI bowling to left handed batters

It’s clear that the team at BA still hasn’t figured how to get the AI to bowl properly to left handed batters. This was a problem well documented in Cricket 22 and led to most bowlers throwing wides or leg side peaches to left handed batters, almost always with limited leg side fielders in place.

I was wondering if as a solution we could allow users to set AI fields just the way we have the option to let the AI set human fields. I suggest this because if we could set leg side traps for the AI than them the AI spamming it down leg to lefties wouldn’t feel so silly and immersion breaking. The idea of bowling leg side isn’t crazy but with the fields the AI sets I end every test innings with my lefties striking at 160 and my righties at 65.

Obviously it’s an issue, but I’m over getting upset that this very basic thing still doesn’t work and instead want to think about plausible solutions.