AI Defence Tactics

How come the AI defence is able to chip the ball around to free players in the back half but my players are always manned up in the back half, which forces me to always kick to a one on one?

Feels like a defencive tactic is enabled for the AI but not a possiblity for the player.

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I typically see the AI chip it around when my Defensive tactic is set to ‘Full Zone’.
This is because my forwards move off their opponents, and into the zone further up the field… so the AI’s backline are free, and they choose to chip it around back there.

I’ve found that all AFL AI teams (at least in the Management Mode I’m playing) set their Defensive Tactic to ‘Locate’…meaning they play man-on-man.
This is also something you can do, which will stop them from freely chipping it around (but risk maybe opening up space further afield).

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I’m playing AFL teams in Management Mode, and they all appear to use ‘Locate’, and stick to it.

I’ve heard that teams have different tactics, so maybe non-AFL teams use a zone instead. Has anyone noticed this?
Ideally, the AI tactics change per-team, and dynamically through a game.

I’ve found it feels like a totally different game when you manually change their tactics (i.e only in ‘Play Now’, pause the game, switch sides in the game to the AI. Unpause. Pause again, change tactics to a zone for them, change back to your team, unpause).