Ai edges or lack off

Are ai edges actually in this game ? Been playing over 2 nites and not had 1 edge to keeper at all . Both play now ,test , career. Using standard 19 bowling controls,fast bowler, striker timing 40 , wicket chance 60 and absolutely nothing. Anybody have a good ai setting to make bowling actually interesting.

Make changes in physics, my settings:
Swing 83
Max speed 70
Minimum speed 60
Ball bounce 30
Both friction 45
Ball visible speed for fast and spin bowler 90

Rarely AI edge the ball to the keeper against fast bowler but I’m taking catches in slips in every ODI and Test match, in T20 matches edges goes to slip once in 2-3 matches.
Also getting edge either to the slip or to keeper once in 2 matches.

Appreciate the advice. Are you on arcade, standard or pro bowling? . Also what’s your ai striker timing and wicket chance sliders set to ? .

I use pro bowling that gives me control on seam and swing movement.
I play on veteran difficulty with AI timing 75 for ODI/T20 and 70 for test, wicket chance is 50 and AI run rate is 70 for ODI/T20 and 50 for test.



What’s your early/ late shot timing and edge good ,ok ,bad input sliders set to . As seem they effect ai batting to in my experience. Thnx for vid last I know edges exist lol .

Early and late shot is 0
Timing difficulty is 100
Edge for good is 5
Edge for ok is 20
Edge on poor is 85
bad input power penalty is 90.
All influences are 0

Appreciate the help . I made some physics changes very similar to yours and now getting edges to both slips and wkt keeper. Thnx big help …

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If you want test sliders i will provide you , you will get edge to keeper , slips and gully for pace bowlers and you will get variety of wickets

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More the better. More variation in the game the better. Feel free to share your sliders.