AI overthrows driving me crazy

Please fix the overthrows occurring from AI. It makes bowling almost pointless, especially in career mode. This issue is so wack and just ruins the entire experience of the game, especially playing limited-overs games. Happy to send a video of this but don’t know how. AI just throws in 5-10 metres away from the player when returning the bowl from the outfield, the game stops you from being able to receive the ball (shouldn’t have to be a process anyway for something so basic), and the ball then goes to either another fielder for extra runs or straight to the boundary. Every game I play at least 15-20 runs are conceded from overthrows.

Such a dumb issue that makes bowling pointless


I agree! This is so annoying!!

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Yeah, this overthrow issue needs to be fixed ASAP.

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It hasn’t been fixed in 5 games what cricket 26 maybe?

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