AI vs AI gameplay issue

Please start a AI vs AI match to find issues listed below:-

  1. End of over glitch when chased by team, AI starts defending in last over in all formats when supposed to hit for boundaries.

  2. Head scarf or long hair glitch:- player head scarf extending to abnormal length when running, gravity does not exist.

  3. All fielding player receiving ball from outfield is jumping towards the ball, wicket keeper to slow, unrealistic

  4. Delayed response from fielding player receiving ball to run out

  5. Player taking a catch appears to be in weird position, unrealistic.

  6. Players walking through all objects, players, boundaries, shoes digging into grass.

  7. Player at boundaries at weird position, unable to stop the ball, not running towards balls as they are going through boundaries

  8. Slow response generally, unrealistic.

  9. A player always trying to take run, after hitting ball.

  10. Players celebrating after wickets, scoring 50, or partnership is celebrating in air as other players are running somewhere else.

Please take a look on above issues, unfortunately cricket 22 is still better in gameplay.

Thank you

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