All players are same, no specialist in any format


Is there any chance of perks coming back ??

Bcz there is no T20 specialist or Test specialist, all players are same, the only difference is due to the level of skills. David warner and Steve smith both are playing same, they both started to attack from starting, same with Jos buttler and Joe root.

Same issue with bowling, no powerplay specialist no death over specialist.

Please bring the perk system to differentiate among the players.

If others players are also missing the perks (same as Cricket 22) then requesting others to raise this.


Please bring this feature back as soon as possible, when i initially bought the game tje feature was avaulable, since update it has disappeared, why is this can someone explain?


this is sorely missing.
@JNT_BA ,is there any info on, if and when the PERK system will make it back ?? it really needs to be considered to differentiate the players and their speciality…!!! please consider.

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