All Players Default batting style!

1st things 1st
Many of us here facing same issue can be said,
all players be default playing with same Batting style whether it is Standard (Named in Cricket 24)
or style number 6 not clear!
users should be given free rein to apply any of the Batting style so that they can enjoy the game at their fullest.
@JNT_BA kindly look into this at earliest possibilty.


We are aware of it. We have identified the issue and are working towards an update for it.


@JNT_BA Kindly enable Bat and bowling action Editing For licensed players plz Skills and faces are great

Academy also has some issue while downloading bats please have a look as well

Some new Bowling action for leg spin and medium bowlers are needed along with few new shots animations Would be great but those can be done In Future need to fix the above issue first plz

What’s the ETA on this being fixed? Please do let us know

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Thanks for response. Hope following issues are noticed and being fixed

Ball not spining even with slider at 100

Also other sliders has little to no impact recommend to restore effect similiar to cricket22. That is required for engaing AI game

On field sounds are poor, bat sounds are low but stump sound is high so even controling volumes doesn’t provide good results

Hi @JNT_BA Can we please know when the batting issue with default and same batting style issue will be fixed waited long time for the game and this is very disappointing

There are few major bugs in the game if you play competition mode ODI world championship and bat first , every ball if you play defensive shot it consider as 4 runs

Hi, can we know when we having the update please

Thank you for being actively hearing out the community & delivering the quickpatch fix at earliest opportunity.



In the game’s Competition Mode, specifically in the ODI Cricket World Championship, when batting first, there are a few significant bugs. In this scenario, every time you attempt a defensive shot, it is erroneously counted as 4 runs.