Any news or updates for Tiebreak

Since Tiebreak was announced months ago there has been no news or updates. Is there any news/updates for Tiebreak or, when can anything be expected?

Nothing we can talk about yet. Any news won’t be posted here first as it will go through normal media outlets.

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Come on guys, we just need to have a screenshot or something very small to be hyped again… what you show with this kind of strategy is that development is in a very early stage. Last tennis game from BA was launched more than three years ago… you have had a lot of time.

Is the game still launching in 2023 as you have announced?

Dont think so… I prefer they were honest and give them more time to work in order to have a better product. It is going to be the official ATP/WTA tennis game and, as they said, there will be 100 tourments licensed. Gameplay should be in line.

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Hopefully this game will be funny
Also, hopefully this game will be similar to #VirtuaTennis4
I actuallity play #TennisManager23

As others have said, can you at least confirm that the game will be released in 2023?

Please we are too expected for a long time, we need a good tennis game, you have the best example in Top Spin 4 and now in pc Full ace tennis simulator. Please remember our advices.Thanks.

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lol what do you think, expect feb 2024 :rofl: