Any Screenshots of latest Gameplay

Hi there,

It would be great to see some screenshots of the gameplay or even the trailer as the game release is close.
Also any idea when the pre-orders will start on Steam?



Am sure this question will never get a prompt reply from the concerned group here. Let’s keep waiting :grinning:

A month to go and this site was set up,for both parties to engage.But sadly nothing,nacon and big ant had a big reveal in April for tiebreak, rugby 24 and cricket 24 , rugby delayed until October, tiebreak disappeared, cricket 24 nothing doesn’t give much hope

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And people are in the Rugby thread praising them for the delay announcement, which is exactly why these companies will continue to get away with this stuff. I agree that being rude, combative or critical isn’t the way to go, but let’s at least call them out and hold them accountable.

Announcing a delay, mere days before release date….after months of radio silence….is not okay. It’s almost like dangling a tiny bit of food over a cage of hungry animals. No matter how aggressive or angry, the owners know that everything will be fine once the food is given to to animals.


Its dissapointing yes but I think alot of the rugby gamers, including myself, would rather have a complete rugby game released then an unfinished buggy mess of a game.

This will be a different story if they delay the game again in January next year. The communication has been really poor and they really tested alot of the patience from fans.