Backhand Style never apply on our created character

Hello, I’ve noticed a problem with the application of backhand styles on our created character.

the backhand styles never really apply, they’re just generic backhand no matter which backhand style you choose.

I took the example of the Oasaka backhand which is very identifiable with a very fast hip movement. when I’m in a match, this backhand doesn’t exist, it’s a generic backhand.

whether it’s a one-handed backhand or a two-handed backhand, it’s all generic backhands that are applied. i test with Federer and Wawrinka backhand, same issue

on the other hand, there’s no problem with forehand styles, which are well applied.

you can test this on your own, and you’ll quickly see the problem. play with the real osaka and do some powerful backhands, then go and apply his backhand to your own player, and you’ll see that he’ll never get it out.

please correct this. Thank you


Yes all the backhand animations are the same with a general stroke animation on created player,these updates need to be tested more thoroughly before been released.Plus the SVG images don’t keep loaded on downloaded stadiums that you downloaded aswell.