Backline Moves in a modern way - in Tech and Game Sense

Please Pretty Please consider following for a modern and long term oriented success.

Move Set Creator
for Set Plays (maybe more fancy options) and broken Play. Maybe it was in earlier versions but i can remember that Madden 08 had something like that in it. This could also be scaled further for lineouts and scrums.

Generel Option Plays:
Many Setplays where totally outdated in previous versions. Nobody played stuff like (e.g. french switch). Situational options like actual pass or behind the back should be standard for a modern Rugby Game. The previous Iterations were slow in execution which limited the use of setplays in general becaus the defenders just killed the move.

more individual style of play to reflect the users personal prefered style of play. This would increase the fun, interest and actually Number of Players in on and offline Matches