Batsman should wear cap while batting against spinner


Is it possible for a batsman to wear cap while batting against a spinner.
This logic is already implemented with wicket keeper, he wears helmet against spinners and cap against rest of the bowler, but for batsman logic should be opposite, wearing cap against spinners and helmet against rest of the bowlers.

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Hmm it should be an option which can be toggled on or off. Not all players prefer no helmet against a spin bowler.


Agree, this can be another toggle in accessibility settings.
Raising a suggestion ticket for this.

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Well that was added!!! wonder if it was added last second because there are problems with it. 1) Setting it to wear cap during the over causes a crash (happened once online match so not sure if the crash is related. 2) visually on my side the batter changes to cap, but for my opposition the batter still wear helmet (again first match online with a saved game so not sure if this will persist… will keep asking my mate.
What does “Auto” do? seems to do nothing.

Yes Auto option doesn’t work. If we choose ALWAYS option it will work when batter playing against spinner

As per my experience, Auto option will follow the individual settings of a player. You can go to the equipment tab and select the option to wear cap. So, Auto will consider that setting in place of giving cap to every batsman on strike.

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