Best Camera Angle

Wanted to know what camera everyone use and what they think is best. I keep tossing and turning between end to end and side.

Ive been playing end, but gave side far a go recently and didn’t mind it. Kinda wish there was a close up to play kind of view so it seems ur looking in the perspective of that player, but I suppose it’s only possible if you can only play as one player like in fifa pro clubs

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I love end because I see where I’m kicking to but the only thing that sucks is the major camera swings and not really being able to see if you can switch the footy.
Are you liking side far?

Side far gave me the feeling like I was watching a game rather than playing tbh. As you said I prefer end cos you have more view of where your kicking to, just not great when the ball gets changed over

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@Henno @DingDong
Up until recently I played End Dynamic (Height 33, FOV 50), which I found to be the best.

Recently I’ve been using Broadcast Normal and has given me the most realistic experience.


Thanks mate I’ll definitely give broadcast normal a go

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@DingDong Update to this:

I’ve been using Broadcast Norma; (Height 0, FOV 50) for a few days now and it has to be my favourite in terms of realism.

End Dynamic is still the best to play on if I’m being competitive.

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I’ve been using your End Dynamic settings (except I turned up the FOV to 65) and I’m loving it. Once you get used to camera swings, its a very fun and immersive camera to use. Whilst probably not the most competitively-advantaged camera angle as it can drastically limit your ability to reliably hit targets at your 3-and-9-o’clock, and thus limits some of your options for pressing the ball forward.

However, when used correctly, you can dominate the corridor with clear vision on distant leading players and also judge stab quicks with ease.

Also works a treat with aggressive midfielders: its extremely satisfying to break away from the pack, get in a couple of bounces before launching a bomb to the top of the square, or if your player has the distance, kicking a beauty whilst on the run from 53-52 meters out.

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@bptuner I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it!