Big Three in Early Access?

Hi guys,

wanted to know if anybody has information whether the big three will appear in an EA update or only in the final version of the game? Was hoping for them in EA6 but as we know it wasn’t the case.


Marketing wise the most logical thing is that they are added by the time the game is released.

Well, not sure how that would help marketing wise. People that are part of the EA will not buy the game again anyways, so providing them access to the big three before release makes no difference from my point of view. Or am I missing something?

if the big 3 is added before the game releases, everybody who was going to buy the game at full price would pay a EA version price (way less). Also potential customers wouldn’t be encourage to buy the game at release if you give them the big3 already. I think it is pretty clear.

In EA7 tsitsipas and some of the last recognized tennis players missing in the game will be added.

Hm… does that mean that the big three are the biggest argument to buy the game? For me this would be more the playing experience, graphics, career modes, grand slams, amount of real players… But ok, if that is the plan then I have to accept it. Thank you for the explanation!

Well in my case yeah, it is a mix of everything but I assume the fact that other competitors don’t have the big 3 in the game could be a very good reason to buy tiebreak.

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One thing that I hope is that they will make the big 3 spot on concerning face layout and playing styles/attributes. A release in EA would maybe help to get them near perfection, which they deserve :slight_smile: Fingers crossed!

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I would like to play these 3 Monsters of tennis before the release to thanks us for the feedback. I have never made big videos before on YouTube and since two weeks I made many videos longer than 2h even 3h of career mode.

I hope this game will be well marketed, it diserve to be known, really.
217h of gameplay since the biggining.

Patch 5 and 6 made the game really nice to play.


@JNT_BA dont forget Lorenzo Musetti and Ons Jabeur please :smile:

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I think I’ve seen a video of someone using a cc of Ons and the umpire announced her name but at the same time she isn’t named in the return animations. Hopefully she and Lorenzo are in

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Yes i hope :pray::pray::pray:

Both play very well, lot of slice, bunt…

Musetti his one hand backhand is great

I was thinking about your post a little bit and in fact, everybody knows already that Tiebreak will contain the big 3, as it was announced officially. So not really sure if it makes a difference, because if I would wait for exactly that, I’d buy the game now for the lower price knowing it will cost much more later and enjoy FED, NAD, and DJO after release :slight_smile:

Let’s see if bigant will provide us with them in EA stage to honor the feedback they got :slight_smile:

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The game could really do with a big push on social media in the final month before release.


Yeah, they should promote the game since they are working hard and it is the official game of
the ATP and WTA. People have to be aware that more than 120 will be fully licensed and also all the 250 and 500 atp and wta tournaments. This game deserves to be sold well.

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