Biggest issue is ball and player movement

Firstly thank you for putting the time and effort in making a new rugby game and i hope this is a game that can just keep progressing.

For now (although i know its early access) it seems the same things as previous rugby games which makes it fall short for me as of now…

  1. The speed at which the ball moves from a pass is very unrealistic

  2. The passes seem to just snap from one player to the other with little fluidity

  3. The passes and the direction in which they can go are unrealistical i think they should be a little more restricted, there isnt a player in the world that can pass a ball half way across the pitch at the speed in which the game dose

  4. Restrict player movement, fifa done this many years ago and it made the game a lot better. What i mean by that is make it a little slower and more realistic. At the moment you can run around in a circle to get away from tackles etc they are just actions that are unrealistic

I think if the movement of the ball and the players are polished ye are on the road to a very very good game. Thank you


I agree- the ruck/breakdown also needs urgent attention…

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I agree with the breakdown etc but i also think these would be extremely difficult to get right and the developers have already admitted they werent right so i dont see a point bringing it up when they know tbh😀

Oh I didn’t know they had acknowledged the ruck issue- what threads that? Save me raising tickets for what they already know lol

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I dont know a link, i just follow a guy thats being following this closely and he said it

Completely agree with the movement. That was the biggest flaw in rugby 08 and other rugby games. At full speed, a player shouldn’t be able to run in circle and turn tight (unless with special move like sidesteps). It is a key feature to help defenses and add realism !

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Rugby Champions I think has pretty well mastered speed and pace of running. Acceleration stats determine how fast you reach top speed, and top speed stats of star players dont over outpace regular players, so a small error in trajectory and you can still get caught up by the tackler. Same wise, heavy players can gain a few meters once the line is broken and defense has to reverse their course, but they will eventually catch up cause heavy forwards can run fast but not oupace a center (rarely, at least not at full speed).


Completely agree, that sort of movement is what is really killing it. Rucks etc i think we need to be patient with as im sure its a very hard animation to get correct but movement/pace/ basic physics is essential to this game working in my opinion

There really needs to be the ability to draw and pass in this game, it’s such a basic concept of rugby. RLL3 had it, but then with RLL4 it was almost impossible to draw and pass. Doesn’t look like the ability is in the game at the moment but hopefully its worked in as a priority.

I agree on point 4, movement needs refined with new running animations, I think this might need mo-capped honestly.

And also you could say the passing too

I think lowering the sideline camera height would also be good or a broadcast adjustable camera