Broken disposal statistic and other issues

Anyone else notice the issue with disposals post game and in the game menu? I just played a game where Cunnington had 19 disposals, but says he only had 4 disposals when finish the game and go back into career management menu. After every game all the players will have about 1/4 - 1/2 of there in game statistics. Will this issue ever be addressed?

Also other issues I have noticed are
Tackles - AI will almost always hand off or get a kick away during tackles, but yet when tackled by AI will most of the time be a ball up. And the AI constantly drop the ball, but yet no incorrect disposal is almost ever given.
Marks - Majority of the time controlled players will just stand there in the contest and not even attempt to make a contest of the ball
Players randomly slowing down - Alot of times (especially midfielders) will just randomly slow down even though stamina is almost full
Broken ruck interchange - Alot of the time the interchange ruckman will play most of the game and wont sub out even if stamina is empty
AI never takes kick outs, instead plays on 100% of the time
Aiming of kicks and handballs - A issue that has existed since launch. Alot of the time handballs and kicks will just randomly go all over the place.

Also about 2 weeks after launch date, there was a twitter post saying sliders would be added to the game but still haven’t. Is there any information on when this will be coming?


Yeah that happens to me also. I also have the bug where I tap the button to kick the ball, the player either handballs the ball or kicks the ball out on the full.

Yeah I have noticed this - rarely matches up. Even the in-match UI shows incorrect stats; I took a set shot with Jacob Koschitzke and it came up saying “Season Goals: 151” - not sure where it got that info from as he hasn’t kicked that many goals this season, or even overall in the 2 seasons I’ve played. Have logged support tickets in the past - I’d recommend if you can get a screeny of that, log a support ticket so they can get as much data on it as possible to figure out where all this info is being wrongly sourced from.


When it comes to the handball direction are you holding a direction on the joystick? Or just pressing the button to launch a handball with no joystick input?

I think I saw people say the incorrect stats shown are the ‘contested possessions’ instead of the actual disposal counts. Hopefully it’s an easy fix.

Also, I don’t remember sliders being added ever getting a mention. Pretty sure the game is being tuned appropriately first.

I had more clangers and disposals but the after match stats showed the opposition winning in those when clearly I won them in the match.

You are getting confused with disposals and ‘major ball winners’ two different things.

Also the goal, marks and disposals leaderboard on the main season mode menu shows averages to 0 decimal places. It does rank players in order of total disposals, goals, marks, but displays their average per game.

My two cents on this one is that I find handpassing to be pretty spot on.

I play on PS5 and have had numerous times where my handpasses go directly to their targets and create really good link up plays which makes the game quite fluid.
Appreciate the fact that people say that they are having issues, but based on my experiences, it seems to work just fine.
Point the stick in the direction of the player I want to handpass to and when there is a ring around the player hit Square and … boom, a perfect handpass goes straight to them.

Yes, there are times when it doesn’t quite hit the mark, but that’s mainly when my player is being tackled or possibly someone in the way which then makes it hit the dirt, but all in all… no issues.

p.s. Not here for an argument. Just letting people know my experiences

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Agreed… I have no issues with handpassing. I’m also on PS5… maybe the different platforms with different patches have varying experiences.

But no issue on my end.

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This could be a thing as there are slight number variances between the versions at the moment. It’s not something I have been having issues with recently. But that doesn’t mean I won’t do more testing on all devices and check to see if it is out of the norm for how it is expected to behave, there will always be a potential direction deviation same with ruck contests. Not having a direction when you press the button can cause unusual results. Which is why a direction is needed.


I could upload multiple clips of handballing completely ruining passages of play.
Like I said, I think it’s largely noticeable when in congestion but even when there’s open play sometimes, it’s just off and it baffles me.
I’d imagine handballing of all mechanics shouldn’t be so difficult. I’d like to think of handpassing in an AFL game being the same as kicking in FIFA.
It should just be semi assisted to the point that you don’t miss obvious targets as it makes the gameplay itself look much worse.

I’m on PS5 and handballing for me has been horrible since day 1.
I like to play a fast paced game but I feel like you get punished for doing so on AFL 23


I’m 99% certain in saying most of us across all platforms have had issues with handballing since day 1. Surely this isn’t new information for anyone at Big Ant…?


It may be different on PS5, but it would seem there is definitely an issue on PC with the hand balling. There used to be the same issue with kicking, but has mostly been fixed and works the vast majority of the time. As DRebie mentioned, the issue is most noticeable when in congestion; If I was to handball to a player running through and I direct the handball to where he is, it will go the opposite direction or go straight to the opponent AI. This makes things extremely difficult when the ball is in the opposing 50. And can also make things difficult after center bounces where if you handball it will just go to an opposing AI and they will get the center clearance most of the time.

Now, although hand balling has proven to be an issue, I think one of the bigger issues is tackling and really takes away the flow and enjoyment of the game. 9 out 10 times, the AI will offload the ball when tackled and will get away with dropping the ball when tackled. Even when 30-40 meters out from goal, if tackled the AI will still get off an accurate kick, resulting in a goal. This happens if you hold Y or press Y. Also the hit boxes for tackling is very inefficient as you could be right next to the opponent AI and tackle, and the AI will just run right through without being touched. Whilst the opponent AI can tackle a player sometimes when 3-4 meters away.
There is a massive balance issue with tackling, as when a controlled player gets tackled, the player will mostly wrap the player up and have a ball up, will receive a holding the ball or will offload straight to the opponent AI. This makes things extremely broken when in opponent inside 50, especially if there is a ball up within there 20 because you just can’t wrap them up or tackle them without them offloading a kick to goal almost every time.

The game has obviously improved since release, however there is still some fundamental features that are broken, and by the looks of it it doesn’t seem there is any emphasis on fixing these issues (Though I hope I am wrong).


I have found that the behind score is broken. After the match it said 0 behinds when in fact I scored some. Has anyone else noticed this ?

In the new patch I witnessed the opposite ruck marking the ball in the centre then he was given a free inside the 50. That almost cost me the match.

Did you notice anything happening that would have given a 50m penalty? If it happens again if you can get footage and send it to support I’d love to check it out to see what may be happening. I’ll schedule some testing to see if we can get it to happen as well.


Are the turning circles going to be improved @JNT_BA ?
It’s been a massive issue since day 1.
Also the teleport tackles still seems pretty relevant and user tackling is very hit a miss too as the opposition often run past players without even attempting to tackle no matter how much you press or hold triangle

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Also can you please adjust AI movement when on offence ?
For example I tried to chain handballs up the ground and whilst they seem slightly better, often when you handball to someone, the player receiving it stops and you have to handball it to space because you’re about to get tackled. Feel like players should always be on the run when receiving handballs

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I’ll record the next time I play. But in the stats it also didn’t even register the 50m penalty either.

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Clearances could use a bit of work… Seems as though hitouts are completely irrelevant as Cats were winning the ball 95% of the time anyways