Can BigAntStudios Add These stuffs in game

-Like when a player gets out commentar talking about it showing replays about it how and where he did mistake
-In Tournament Talking about next match showing a preview of the game between the two teams
-Commentar talks about bowlers bowling actions showing his previous and now actions comparison
-Custom overlay (scoreboard HUD )
-Realistic Atmosphere
-UptoDate Players model’s

And More Stuff Everyone can add which you want in the wishlist of the game

Hope Developers will read it and add in game

Cricket 24 be the best game of the decade


Add to this rn coming to my mind is if you playing a World Tournament or any leagues

A small HUD in upper left or right corner to show timely updates what is happening around the world

Like If a player is playing an ODI match b/w India & Pakistan in a Tournament say World Cup and at the same time Australia vs England is being played in that tournament a small HUd showing up the quick updates what is actually happening in Aus Vs Eng match.

I will try to show Graphically soon for better understanding

Hope @JNT_BA can look into this interesting idea :relieved:


Have a look what i was suggesting, I tried to depict it graphically🖼 .


A small HUD in upper left or right corner to show timely updates what is happening around the world for on going Matches at the same time in a Tournament in Career Mode or may be when a user created Competition


Really a great addition btw @JNT_BA @RossSymons please look at this if this happen’s it would be fun for playing carrer mode


@JNT_BA pls send this to the team working on cricket 24 we want this type of fireworks when a team wins finals in ipl
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Commentators should speak about career mode player’s recent form and his stats.


We Want These Shots and leaves with footwork I think footwork kinda lacks in Cricket 22 and should be in Cricket 24


Just ask for gameplay improvement mates not cosmetics. We ask for better gameplay improvement whatever lacking in Cricket 22. We already had Big bash boom for those things