Career Mode Changes And Add-Ons

  • Cricket 22 Career Mode was having many new features but the things keep on going same as the player joins national and international squads (just play regularly the same thing and nothing is coming up) you should add some more features that makes us to addicted to the Career mode just not repeating the same playing match after match it gets boring

  • BA Should add more Cutscence to the Career mode and retirement option should also be their with in game career mode celebrations like in ipl or world cup when a country or team wins they goes to their cities in bus should be added.

  • And Player Should Get a ICC or Countries Yearly Award For Best Performance or (BA Can Make their Own Award Such As BA Award Of the Year) or like in Football their is Ballon d’or

  • In-Game Auction Mode ( In which the teams should only bid on us if we have performed well in national squads but this is for uncapped players ) and for international players their At time performance should be judged at time of auction

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  • If their is licencing issue in auction mode BA simply can make there own logos and @RossSymons Can be the Bidder or @JNT_BA But You Should add Auction in Career Mode Option

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