Career Mode International bug

Hey guys,

Just writing to let everyone know that when you reach international cricket in career mode, you basically play 1 game and then get dumped from the squad for some reason, I got selected for the ODI WC and I accepted, and then saved my career and went to bed, got back on it the day after and I was back simulating until Victoria’s next game, and then, I got selected to play a t20 for australia and got through about 3 balls, I decided I’d field the first over and all of a sudden the scoreboard bugged out and sections of it disappeared, so I saved and exited the match, only for me to load back into the career, to again find myself simulating to Victoria’s next match, and yet again, I got selected for the ashes and played the first test and yep, you guessed it, didn’t get to play the rest of the series as I was back simulating until the next BBL match, please fix this, it ruins the game and the overall career mode experience.