Career Mode - T20 World Cup & England One-Day Cup

Though cricket 24 has improved the selection of tournaments to participate in incredible with the inclusion of licenses for IPL and PSL teams, as well as the inclusion to play in the Bangladesh and New Zealand T20 competitions. I find there is a slight lack of realism with other competitions, most notably within career mode the T20 World Cup is never played at any point, only the ODI World Cup. So I was wondering why this is the case?

One other perhaps knit picky observation I also made is the limited participation in the England one-day competition. The county championship and t20 smash are competitions which allow international players to participate (in the game) so I wonder why international players cannot play in the England one-day cup when in reality you get international players from all over the globe who participate in that competition as well. I only make this observation since I personally enjoy playing one-day’s and think including the one-day cup would improve the realism of the game. I think this change in particular would be a small change in comparison to adding the T20 World Cup.