Catches always AI - Help!

Hi guys.

I’m finding that all my catches on the game are simulated and just taken by the computer. Only high catches on the boundary do I have to use the system like cricket 22.

Can someone help me with why, I always liked the manual catches, made the game more exciting with chances to drop etc

I raised a ticket about this. Reply was

We did some updates in a recent patch that will make some changes when it comes to the catching mini-game. Many times it was initiated without giving enough time for input to play out the whole process, which resulted in unusual gameplay results. Timing changes were made to make sure this process has enough time to playout in full as there could be times when it was activating for under a second and causing issues with that ​ball.

Kind regards,
Support team.

Basically effects wicket keeper, slips and close in catches. Hopefully they fix this! :pray: