Catches in slip

4 edges n 4 times catches taken clearly but no appeal, nothing by umpire even commentator says edges but fall safely! 4 times in single over and that happens many times!! Plz short this out soon as possible this is ridiculous!

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Are you manually appealing?

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No, it’s completely clear n clearly visible n safely taken catches, and there is no option of appeal manually, if there is I m not aware of, I can post video of replay of one of those catches if u needs to

If you read the control settings in the menu you’ll see which button does what.

As is the case with a real cricket match, the umpire has to give the batsman out, which means it’s in your best interest to appeal.

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So we need to appeal for clear catches as well? That’s pretty strange! It should not be like that that’s n error which techies needs to address

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sometimes umpire not giving out when ball edges on the bat. manaul appeal not working sometimes…

This always comes to mind when this conversation happens.

1.1 Umpire not to give batter out without an appeal

Neither umpire shall give a batter out, even though he/she may be out under the Laws unless appealed to by a fielder. This shall not debar a batter who is out under any of the Laws from leaving the wicket without an appeal having been made.
31.2 Batter dismissed

A batter is dismissed if he/she is either given out by an umpire, on appeal
or out under any of the Laws and leaves the wicket as in 31.1.


No point to discuss than, nothing gonna change, I may failed to make u understand the difference between doubtful edges and clearly visible catches! That’s ok, u guys doing good job keep that up, appriciated.

If u guys try n make it more personalised for players like give players their trophy room where they can see what have they achieved in the game with their choosen teams.

Clear catches in the outfield are out straight away whether you appeal or not.

Knicks tend to be more ambiguous so in my opinion, having to appeal would be consistent with real life.

Perhaps the solution would be changing the appeal animation to the bowler running down the wicket in celebration before the umpire sticks the finger up. Looks less like an appeal??