Caught behind never given - PS5


I noticed that caught behind somehow is never given, even after a manual appeal. When going for a review, the ball tracker only focuses on the bat being hit or not, perhaps thinking I appealed for an LBW while I appealed for an edge on a caught behind.

It happened over 4 times yesterday during a test. Is this a known issue?


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Not something i have seen so far. But you can raise a ticket for the same.

Never faced this issue , I stopped playing after last patch bcz I lost all my data. May be this is happening after last patch.

Thanks for your replies lads. I guess maybe I felt it was a caught behind, but it wasn’t. Im confident there was though. I had the same with an edge caught in the slips, it was in the air and definitely didn’t hit the ground first. I will try to make a video cap and share so I have another pair of eyes.

There has been a patch yesterday though, so I will see how that goes.