Celebrations - Batting / Bowling & Fielding

@JNT_BA @RossSymons New additions of Custom Celebrations (that can be assigned to players in creation academy same as we can assign bowling actions stuff) Batting as well as Bowling in Cricket 24 will surely make it more appealing/exciting and a Cricket Game never seen before…

  • There can be A List of Celebrations Around 10 or more which can be assigned individually so that when a Batsmen acheives a milestone (50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / …) for batting,

*Simialrly if a Bowler achieves a milestone ( 5 wicket haul / 10 wicket haul / Hattrick) we have full control to execute them.

  • Additionally for fielders as well we can consider some few Animated Celebrations when a Fielder got Direct HIt / Catches in slips or Outfields

with GUI representation i tried to simplify the understandings what actually is needed.


Yes It’s very cool I think you should be in the BigAntStudios team for cricket 24 work
Awesome :+1:

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I think something like this would be a very cool and would give us more options to celebrate and not always get one that’s randomly assigned which gets boring very quickly.

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It will be a cool feature, no doubt. But it will become monotonous after sometime if there is only one type of celebration for all batting milestone and only one for bowling. PES games has multiple celebrations assigned to different buttons, this has been implemented for a long time in PES. This was already brought to discussion in PC forum long back.

Hope Bigants have already incorporated this in Cricket 24.

To overcome that monotonous feel i depicted 2 buttons for Custom Celebrations and more 2 buttons left unassigned so one of that can assigned if a player wants to assign random celebrations just like what we have the only option now with cricketet22.
Just to present an idea, if they take this in consideration they can get indulge with the community forum or can have better approach on their own.

  1. reverse wing ball option Add one more delivery that is the reverse option which is enabled after 40-50 overs. not from the first over. generally the reverse comes after the ball gets old. and usually the ball gets old between 40-50 over.

Thats a great idea @Rishabh and the fact is if it is implemented or worked on it will make Test Cricket even more beautiful👍

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If Players From Australia, England,West Indies,New Zealand, Pakistan, Ireland and many big tournaments like CPL,BBL and some IPL Teams are licenced than you should also add original Celebration(only licenced players) like that @RossSymons @JNT_BA
If you are not able to add their celebrations than what is the fun of full licenced player’s you should add them