C'Mon Man: Fielding Woes

I’m watching some of the streamers play and the fact that the backwards throw direct hit is still in the game is just embarrassing. Like c’mon, it’s such a small but stupid glitch and to not even bother fixing it after all these years makes me feel like the quality control is non-existent.

I don’t even care that much about it really, and would happily take a bunch of other fielding improvements instead. But the fact that they didn’t have the time or desire to fix such a silly little thing is telling.

Like I did with Cricket 19 and Cricket 22, I was planning on buying this game within a week of release. And yet everything I’m seeing online reveals a studio that did not take any steps to improve on gameplay issues identified as early as 2019. Based on the bugs thread on Planet Cricket it’s clear that people have filed hundred of tickets in the past 5 years regarding some very basic fielding glitches and the fact that they still aren’t fixed is deeply frustrating to a point where I think I’m just going to pass on this edition.
It’s a real shame because I do love Cricket 22 and was really hoping for an upgrade

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